Just for Today

tornadoGreat Spirit, you be in charge today.
Give me a break from attempting
To understand the complexities of life and death
I fail miserably when I try
Trying, the word implies failure
And fail I do
When trying to grok your
Great Mystery
If only the answers
Were simply straightforward
If only they made sense
To my simple mind
I struggle to know
The reason for pain and suffering
Why dreadful things
Happen to blameless people
Is it somehow karmic retribution
When the Mother
Eats her own children
Swallowing them whole
There are no accidents
Somehow there is symmetry
And order to this chaos
We call life
Is it possible for one small mind
To grasp the immensity of it all
And finally find peace
Knowing that all is well.
Great Spirit, You be in charge
Just for today
Let my mind be at rest
Just for today, let me believe.

hurricane oklahoma


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