Returning to Mother

earth plow

Black blade of forged steel
Cuts a furrow deep and wide
Turning back the dry surface layer
Exposing the dark loamy dampness of your underbelly.

You are revealed but not vulnerable in this turning
You open yourself willingly to receive the seed of life
Man is but an instrument of your birthing
You fear not his lack of understanding

I sight down your long straight channel
To where the sky spills into you like water
Sunlight warming your nakedness
You are calling me into your arms
earth furrow

As if in a dream my dress drops to my feet
I lower myself into your yawning trench
Lying naked I am enveloped by your mystery
Never have I felt so safe and so loved

I have returned to my Mother
She has taken me in and holds me profoundly
Neither questioning nor judging my need
To leave behind my human face

I whisper to her my deep sorrow
For all the ways I have failed her
Neither protecting nor defending
When her honor was attackedearth plant

The deep vibration of her voice
Resonates through my bones
She is singing songs of peace
Her love envelopes and fulfills

She is the master alchemist
Transforming all to love
I lay between her breasts
Receiving her compassionate giftsIrish sea and green cliffsEarth from space


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