Sit Simply

The new treatment room addition to the little house is finished. I have been moving into it and in doing so freed up space in my old treatment room that is in the big house.
I love my old treatment room. It is a sweet small space with a big window seat and its tucked away upstairs where it’s quiet and out of the way. As I cleaned out the closet I “saw” a meditation nook replacing the things I had stored in it that were moving to the new room we built out at the little house.
Yesterday I set about creating my vision. I took out the shelf system and moved it to the closet in the new room. I took down the hanging bead doors that had closed off the closet from the rest of the room. I filled the holes left in the wall from the shelves and sprayed them with wall texture and paint. When everything was dry, I stood and looked at the empty space imagining what belonged there.
Pulling down a box of sarongs and scarves in my bedroom closet I went through them and found a painted silk I bought in Mexico years ago. It is four by six feet and a soft beach scene. Sky, ocean, sun, palms, birds, sailboats…all the elements of nature are depicted and the colors are vibrant yellow, blue, red and green. When I gaze at it I feel the sensations of being at the beach and it has a calming effect…perfect!
I have been moving my library out of my bedroom to various bookshelves around the property. A small maple-wood three-shelf bookcase was freed up in the cleaning process so I brought it in and placed it so that the hanging silk just meets its top edge. The silk covers the wall almost totally above the shelves. I set the shelves on a small woven prayer rug I got from a medicine man we did sacred ceremony with in Peru. His wife wove it in red and black filling it with the animals of Peru and other elemental symbols.
Next I went to my yoga room. Standing in front of my altar, I selected items that felt right to grace the new altar I was creating. On the top shelf I placed an altar cloth that a dear friend made for me. It fit as if it had been made for the shelf. I placed a candle in the center to represent fire. A glass pyramid filled with sand and shells brought in the element of the sea. Hawk, turkey and jay feathers found in my yard represent air element and a clay hand sculpture is both earthy and representative of my work. A small glass dog was a gift from my grandmother’s neighbor given to me when I was four. It holds the energy of the grandmothers. I also placed a pair of brass meditation chimes, a Mala, a rosary and a third prayer bead necklace, all gifts with spiritual and historical significance for me.
On the second shelf I placed items that represent my shamanic work: my medicine bag and a second medicine bag that was given to me when I broke my arm by my friend, Gray Wolf; a turtle rattle from a pow wow I attended in South Dakota; a pheasant wing from a hunt I photographed with high school friends in South Dakota; and an icon of White Wolf, my power animal.
The bottom shelf has four small framed pictures: one of my children, one of my family taken when I was twelve, one of G and me, and one of myself taken with a Kirlian camera which captured my auric field.
My meditation cushion is facing the altar, all contained on the small prayer rug from Peru.
This morning I got up early, went in, and sat. It felt genuine to have a dedicated meditation nook and my meditation was effortless and rich. I felt as if my body responded to my intention to honor my practice with this effort, creating a place with no purpose other than to sit simply in prayer, contemplation and meditation. I am so blessed.IMG_4260[1]

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