Ms Mouse

IMG_3584Some of you know that Ms Mouse disappeared yesterday and by this afternoon after hours of searching we decided she had stepped into the Circle of Life and become a coyote lunch…a powerful lesson in forgiveness and loving what is…which I was working on but hadn’t quite made it to homebase. Meanwhile G was feeling gratitude for the year he had known her. He walked up to the high fence line to watch the sunset when he heard her. Thinking at first it was an illusion of wishful hearing, he was compelled to follow the sound and as he walked up Old Mine Road she saw him and let out a howl.

We rescued her with an extension ladder about 100 yards west of the road in a oak forested area. She was up an old oak, about a foot above a tree opening that is home to an large hive of honey bees…luckily is was dusk and cool and they were mostly in for the night. The tree was also home to stink ants which were happy to celebrate our homecoming by crawling up our sleeves.

Ms. Mouse is happily at home with her brother Dozer and she appears no worse for 24 hours up a tree with bees and ants and greatly appreciative of a bowl of food and a big drink.

We are grinning happily with a few ant bites and our family intact again.

What an amazing day this has been.

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement.

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