etheric meditationThis morning I am exploring the motivators that move me to action. I know that an urge to do something does not necessarily imply action. I also know that I have an impulsive nature, a “jump now and ask questions later” style of living. The upside of my spontaneity is the many experiences I have that I would miss if I spent time considering all the risks and benefits.
Thoughts need not be spoken. I ask myself, “When a thought appears do you always consider the possibility that it is best left unsaid?” Unlike my overall positive experience trusting my instincts with spontaneous action, I have discovered that when it comes to voicing my thoughts, less is more. The risk of being misunderstood may greatly outweigh any benefit derived from speaking.
The bottom line with “thought = word = action” is defined by the question, “how clear is my intuition?” Are my domesticating Ego filters over-riding my intuitive Spirit nature? Who is driving my bus?
When Spirit is in charge, I can trust my “gut impulses.” When Ego is controlling, I better stop and consider long and hard the consequences of engagement.

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