Connecting to My Wild

Today is Monday; the second of five weeks at Esalen has begun. Our Legacy month-long group meets tonight for Leadership and Presence. I am assisting Suzanne Scurlock-Durana with her goal of pointing a group of twenty Esalen Work Scholars in the direction of becoming better leaders through full body presence.
Last week Suzanne and I, with four other assistants, practiced a gentle midwifery as twenty-two courageous women faced their fears and practiced the art of self-love. They each brought forward their most wounded parts to be loved and held without expectation or judgment, releasing shame and guilt. The seven-day workshop is called Healing the Pelvic Floor, Reclaiming Your Power, Sexuality and Pleasure Potential.
This is my eighth year of sitting on this circle. Every year, by week’s end, I am celebrating the deep heart connections these women have formed with one another. Brilliant smiles and shining faces beam forth once the cloaks of fear and shame come off. My belief in the healing power of loving support is confirmed.
When I return to Esalen each year I meet many of the same people who either live here or return repeatedly as I do. My heart connection with these sweet souls deepens with each meeting and I feel blessed to have a global circle of friends. My daily experience of life is richer and deeper because I have the opportunity to view the world through the broad lens of different cultures, places and life experiences.
As I listen to the stories and share laughter at our commonality and differences, I feel that I am not alone. My story is theirs and their story is mine…we are all in the soup together. Life is short and it carries whatever meaning I give it. I can live in fear or I can live in love…genuinely expressing myself in each moment without filters or shame.
Animals are labeled as wild or domesticated. A wild animal lives according to its natural instincts. It accommodates only as needed for survival. It lives by a code of conduct that comes through its DNA, according to its species.
As I live out my sixth decade in this incarnation, I am moving away from domestication in the direction of wild. Conformity to social mores and need for approval have lost their hooks in me. I feel safe enough to be simply myself. I am attracted to other humans who have or are moving beyond the limitations of domestication to experience their wildness. I have a deep abiding belief in the goodness of humankind. I believe we are pack animals who thrive on deep, heart-based connection.
Conformity steals my joy and desiccates my creative flow. I have experienced the rush of creativity that is unleashed when I feel deeply connected to the seen and unseen support that is here for me. I know the joy I feel when I see the wild, uninhibited nature of another human being. I feel delight and freedom when I unleash my own wild woman.
I am filled with curiosity and a willingness to discover where this journey into my wild will take me.wild woman

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