Morning Mist Rising

morning mist

Morning mist rising from the warm sandy floor
Sky is the palest gray velvet
Sun buried deep in thick cloud covers
Ocean fog hanging on the edge of the mountain

Lizards scurry to escape the sharp beaks
Of hungry birds of prey
Yellow canaries flutter in the oaks
Eating seeds caught in the curl of small leaves

Red Shoulder drinks from the fountain well
Panther stalks the wild squirrels in the rocks
Tarantula lumbers slowly the flat terrain
Hoping to make it down his hole before he is spotted

Tiny mouse with big eyes peeks out
From behind the phone on my desk
Snuck in here during the night
To eat seeds from the floor of Oscar’s cage

He looks so sweet and innocent
Just another creature finding his way
In the eat or be eaten wild world
Of the desert mountain back country



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