One Thousand Red Squares

light through oakOne thousand red squares
Stacked in cubes
Wait patiently
In silence.

Bundle of white silks
Rest on the shelf
Wondering when
They will be stretched to the frame.

Palette of colors gone dry
Tucked away in the closet
Paper and brushes
Hidden as well.

Piano collects dust
Silent of sound
No fingers bringing
Music from her body.

Artist works on
Bringing surprise and delight
Creating on the greater canvas
Nature provides.

Two mountain acres
Art installation rising
From wood and stone
From canvas and color

Each strike to nail
Each stroke of brush
Shovel and rake
Tractor and blade

Rich earth and pristine water
Brilliant sunlight and crisp mountain air
Giant oaks and wild flowers
Mountain jays and dashing squirrels

Each day the artist
Sees the vision
Growing from the beauty
She stepped into

One day soon
Ready for showing
She will sing and dance
In joyful gratitude

A breathing, growing
Work of art
Useful, playful, heartful
Living to inspire

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