Lead Me to the Tao

mountain sunriseI am grateful for this day
Whatever arises I will meet it
With soft eyes and an open heart

My body is whole and healthy
I am clear headed and strong
I want for nothing

Abundance surrounds me
Life is easy
I freely choose the undertakings of my day

A sovereign “nation”
Unconstrained by the will of others
Guided by my unreserved destiny

In this quixotic existence
My world of visions and dreams
I am subject only to the tyrant of my mind

It is Mind that fails to recognize
The utopian state of my life
It is Mind that designs illusory torments

What is this deficiency that Mind dwells upon?
How can it fail to see the truth of my existence?
Does it not see the misery it creates with its twaddle?

What will it take to recognize and appreciate my reality?
Must calamity strike me down
That I might perceive the legitimacy of my endowments?

Great Spirit, Mother/Father God
Hear my fervent plea
Show me the way to truth

Open my eyes
That I might see
I have nothing to fear

Lead me to the Tao
Where I might walk in peace
Ever grateful for this life I’ve been given


1 thought on “Lead Me to the Tao

  1. It is.
    Being shown is the way
    Fear is the way
    no fear is the way
    the tyrant mind also is the artist of this poem..right?
    there is no separation…because it all is.
    releasing all expectations of how should what be
    all parts become the whole
    misfortune, fortune
    happy, sad
    good, bad
    poor, rich
    all within all.

    be still and go
    are the same


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