Colors of My Mind

I have been practicing meditation.  One of the methods I use is to simply watch my thoughts as if they were a ticker tape running across the field of my mind.  As I watched my hyper-active thoughts yesterday, I noticed the ticker tape turning colors.  As I paid attention and looked for a pattern between the thoughts and colors I discovered an interesting curiosity.

When the thought incites the emotions of frustration or anger, it is red.

If the thought is melancholy evoking sadness or grief, it is blue.

Happy thoughts are yellow.  Thoughts of contentment are green.

As I pondered this discovery with great curiosity it occurred to me that perhaps this phenomenon is a two-way street.

I have been practicing changing my emotional weather by thinking of a field of the color that represents the feeling I want to invoke.

My favorite color is green.  The color of my contentment.  So when I  notice I am feeling frustrated or angry, I bring to mind a scene of green.  A lush valley of green vegetation is what comes easily…and I immediately notice my anger dissipating as a feeling of contentment washes over me.

And life just gets curiouser and curiouser!


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