Surrendering to Conflict

I recently read this quote from Henry Miller, “Life, as we all know, is conflict, and man, being part of life, is himself an expression of conflict. If he recognizes the fact and accepts it, he is apt, despite the conflict, to know peace and to enjoy it. But to arrive at this end, which is only a beginning (for we haven’t begun to live yet!), a man has got to learn the doctrine of acceptance, that is of unconditional surrender, which is love.”

I so resonated with this quote that I did a search to find more of Henry Miller. As internet searches often do, I landed on a site that included a review of “The Wisdom of the Heart: Henry Miller on the Art of Living.” The site is one of the more comprehensive and interesting blogs I have come across so this morning, I share it with you. Enjoy!

I am surrendering to my own conflict today. I have circumstances that are pulling my mind in a direction away from writing. My conflict is to write even though the words are not coming and produce something that feels trite and inauthentic or to stop now. I surrender.

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