Precious Moment, Simple Pleasure

woman at ocean
Her eyes so very clear.
I know she sees right through me.
Her smile, sweet and welcoming.
I sit and hold her hand.

I want to crawl under the covers
And wrap myself around her
Hold her tightly to my body
As if clinging will keep her here longer.

She asks about the state of my day.
Although I didn’t want to tell her
There is no way to withhold the truth
Those eyes look into mine and know.

I explained about my awakening
To feeling somehow paralyzed.
That in fact it was resistance
My fear of coming to see her.

As tears rolled down my cheeks
I confessed my failure
To meet this moment with
Acceptance for what is.

She admonished my words of failure
Her own tears welled to meet mine
And she told me she was sorry
For bringing sadness to my day.

With my story out,
My fears expressed
I felt relieved
And we moved on to talk of other things.

She shared stories of her life,
We laughed and sipped our tea
Sat in peaceful silence
enjoying the simple pleasure of being.

My sadness rests below the surface
My fears are calm for now
I am grateful for each precious moment
My faith and trust renewed.

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