Gratitude and the Divine Feminine

bear cubs

May is a month of gratitude and a celebration of the feminine aspect
of God…
God the Mother…
who creates and nurtures all things, including ourselves.
The beauty of May draws us out of hibernation into a
natural mindfulness of the blessing and abundance of nature.
Gratitude and mindfulness are intimately related, for
as we practice gratitude we come more aware, more present.
We wake up.
Spring calls us to simplify our lives so that we can
enjoy everything more thoroughly and graciously…
our relationships, our homes, our possessions.
In May our hearts remember what our minds sometimes forget…
life is a gift of inestimable value.
It is time to unwrap the gift.
Listen to the voices of the Ancient Ones as they speak
from within the heart of the quickening earth:

Bear cubs play in the sun,
grazing on the new growth
that the Earth Mother has provided.
The simple pleasures of spring rain,
opening buds and new moons
draw us out of worried mind
into a celebration of Divine Mind.
The Archangel Uriel and the
energies of the East
tutor us in the art
of mindfulness
and the sacrament
of gratitude.
Joan Borysenko…Pocketful of Miracles

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