Free Write on “My Calling”

Sun Salute in Sedona


What has heart and meaning for me?

What is important to me?

What do I love to do?

What ignites my passion?

What makes time stand still & expand for me?

What am I searching for?

What satisfies me?

What contributions do I want to make?

What actions will support my Calling?


The Call to Dance

I am in a room full of people.  No one is speaking.  Everyone is alert and full of life.  There is a feeling of aliveness and curiosity in the air.  The music begins.  The bodies in the room begin to move with the felt sensation of the music as it enters our ears and expresses itself uniquely through our bodies.

Each person moves in their personally defined impulses and urgings inspired by the music, the community of human beings and the moment.

As we create this dancing moment together, this beauty, this fluidity, this unique and fleeting moment of communal, living art, my heart expands out of my chest and I soar into heavenly grace with my fellow human dancers.


The Call to Treatment

My hands rest on the feet of the person lying on my treatment table.

I close my eyes and drop out of my mind and into my body…my personal navigation system.

I say a prayer of intention.  I ask that I might be a clear and clean channel for this person’s well-being.  I invite the unseen support of my guides and angels and those of my client to join us.  I express my gratitude for their loving support of the process we have entered.

I follow the urgings of my hands to touch and hold this body as I listen intently to the information that begins to flow into me.

I utilize the skills I have learned from my teachers and mentors and the experiences of my life…

As a wild child, a dancer, a painter, a thief.  A daughter, a friend, a teacher, a wife.  A liar, a lover, a singer, a mother.  A sister, a farmer, a therapist, a yogi.  A cheater, a channel, a seductress, a businesswoman, a divorcee.   A hiker, a seeker, a grandmother, an angel, a shaman.

At the end of the session, a clearing has happened…and a revealing.

Something that was no longer serving, has left.  Something that was needed, has entered. Something that was hidden has revealed itself.  Positive change has begun its process.


The Call to Nature

I walk out the door and breathe in the fresh air and sunlight.  I feel the gentle breeze on my skin and the solid earth under my feet.  I take a big drink of water from my well and enjoy the sensation of its cool fluidity sliding down my throat, quenching my body.

The elements of nature fill me with life giving forces and make me feel strong and resilient. I am filled with energy.

I step onto the path and begin my hike through the hills and valleys beneath the shadow of the mountain.  Every pore opens to the landscape around me.  The sky is brilliant blue and sunlight filters through the leaves of the giant oaks that line the trail.  I hear the singing of birds, the buzzing of bees and the flutter of butterflies.  I smell the fragrance of the ocean like subtle notes superimposed on the powerful scent of the blooming flowers that have exploded like a carpet of color under my feet.

My feet are sure and my legs feel powerful as I swing along in balance with nature.  My body is getting an energy reset and I am in touch with my Source.  At the end of the hike I have re-sourced myself and with energy reserves full, I am ready to listen to the next indicated thing.


The Call to Yoga

I sit on my cushion, on my mat, in the silence of the yurt, resting.

One by one, my students enter quietly, gathering their mats and props and setting themselves up for their practice.

When the room has settled, I breathe in a breath of the Divine and expand my field to hold the space with loving kindness, compassion, and strength for those who have gathered here this day.

I silently set the intention that my teachings will meet the needs of those who are here and inspire them towards greater health and well-being.

From this moment until the closing breath of the session, I follow the guidance that comes to me.  My anchor is breath.  Breath initiates all movement and all movement supports breath.  My words create imagery that allows my students to explore their own bodies from the inside and notice the whispers of their own internal gurus.

My intention is for them to leave inspired to return to their mats each day, without an agenda, simply to sit in silence and listen to their bodies with loving compassion and honor what they hear.


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