Commitments and Priorities

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I have been nagging at myself because I have missed a few mornings of writing. There is a part of me that worries I will stop writing all together. Her name is Nag. I am saying to her now that my priorities shifted while Brekk, Tonya, and my granddaughters were here. It was more important for me to spend time with them then to write.
I am Grandma CiCi. I am the one who fixes great food, goes to the beach, the zoo and sailplane riding. I am the grandma who takes the girls hiking and rolls on the floor with them in “laugh therapy.”
They are gone now and I miss them. I am here now…at the keyboard fulfilling my commitment to write. So please, Dear Nag, understand about commitments and priorities and how they are ever-shifting and changing. Nothing is set in stone at CiCi’s house.

Living in the Flow of Life (I dedicate this poem to my granddaughters, Lauren and Amber)

Each moment a new beginning
Every breath a birthing
Into the moment that is rising

I listen for the sounds of nature
I look with softened gaze
Drinking in the room with my eyes

I feel into my life as a living, breathing entity
To be loved and nurtured,
Honored and respected

I give myself free rein to walk slowly, run quickly or dance.
In this moment, I laugh with delight
I say HA!



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