Midsummer Eve


Early in the process of building Mountain Valley Retreat, I recognized that what I was undertaking was more than I could manage on my own. The only way I could handle the magnitude and complexities of what I was attempting was to submit my vision of the retreat and allow it to unfold. I surrendered the timetable of events regarding its construction to the greater forces of the Universe. Releasing control was at the same time difficult and a relief.

Today is the eve of Litha, summer solstice. This is an important time to celebrate the fertility of summer and burn fires to release prayers to the heavens. I am fascinated that the completion of the Yurt Raising and the arrival of the Tipi Poles happened now.

The significance of this synchronicity led me to create a sacred ceremony last night in the Northwest section of the retreat where the Women’s Lodge will be located. During the day, I raked and cleared the area and when the Tipi poles arrived, we laid them on the ground to wait the day of the Women’s lodge rising. As I was clearing the area, a small rattlesnake appeared and I received this powerful symbol of transmutation as a blessing.small rattlesnake

Last night, under the midsummer moon, I walked back to the Lodge area with the mano and metate (Native grinding stones) that were a gift from my friend and head builder, Lonnie. I stood in the center of the area where the Lodge will stand and asked where to place the metate. As I turned in a circle inside the oaks that surrounded me, I saw the spot. In the moonlight, I could see the metate sitting there in my mind and it felt right. I slid the large stone from my wheelbarrow unto the ground and it fell perfectly into place.IMG_4004[1]

A few months ago, I wild crafted white sage from a nearby trail and made sage bundles. I placed one of the bundles in the depression of the metate and used the mano to grind the sage into a fine powder. I held the sage in my hand and stood in the moonlight. I prayed for Mountain Valley Retreat.

I thanked Mother/Father God, All That Is, for bringing me this vision and supporting its manifestation. I prayed to Mama Quilla, Moon Goddess and protector of women, beseeching her to watch over us as we travel on our individual and collective journeys. I prayed for guidance and continued support as the visionary of this healing retreat center and the steward of this land.

I scattered the ground sage over the Tipi poles and around the area as I repeated my prayers of thanksgiving. Then I stood and gazed up at the moon and felt the power and the beauty of this sacred ground and deep in my heart, I knew that my path is sound and true.


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