Everything happens for a reason.
That’s what I choose to believe.
Sometimes the lapse, between remembering my choice
And the event that disappointments, is considerable.

Disappointments are the product of expectations
As if my agenda and the Universe’s were the same.
In reality they are…it’s the “my” part that doesn’t get it.
When I resonate with the “one” perfection is all there is.

I get all tangled up in confusion
Not knowing which end is up.
And then my gaze gets righted
And I see order in every detail.

Seeking implies I’m missing something.
It’s all here and I’m it.
So just for this moment (that’s all there is)
I’ll recognize the Truth.

Within these meaningless words,
Beneath these restless thoughts,
Is what is True. It lies in silence.
If I will only let myself fall into that, peace awaits.

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