Pelvic Dialogue

yin yang treeI talked to my pelvis today. I am assisting a workshop at Esalen Institute, Healing the Pelvic Floor: Reclaiming Your Power, Sexuality and Pleasure Potential. We just did an exercise that included listening to our pelvis speak to us after we asked it the question, “What do you want/need from me during this week?”
I saw an image that represents balance within the framework of the masculine/feminine energy model. From eastern medicine, I learned of Yin/Yang energy. Yin is the relative feminine and Yang is the relative masculine. My pelvis is telling me that my masculine energies are dominating my body/mind. Perhaps this has been the default for my body throughout my life, but the circumstances of the past few years have exacerbated it.
We live in a patriarchal world. Culture teaches that men are the protectors of women. In my early experience, men were not always protective of me…sometimes they were perpetrators. I learned that men were not to be trusted and that I must protect myself. Even in my marriage, I did not feel emotionally supported or protected. Over time I became my own protector and my feminine nature was seen as a vulnerable part of myself that should be suppressed as I developed my own inner masculine.
Having my masculine energy dominate leaves no room for the feminine qualities of soft, vulnerable juiciness. Too much yang action and not enough yin quiet reflection is an imbalance in my nature that leads to inappropriate responses to life.
I am in a discovery process. I believe that women are completely capable of successfully navigating this world when their Yin/Yang energies are in balance. Too much yin and we lose are ability to take appropriate action. Too much yang and we act without mindfulness.
My pelvis is asking me trust and to widen, soften and relax. It is reminding me of the great power of a balanced woman. It is reminding me that I am safe and it is okay to rest back into the support that is here for me and allow my juicy, wild feminine nature to rule.

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