Morning Pages…A Stream-of- Consciousness Free Write

Meaning, Hope, Inspiration, Curiosity?

What generates these concepts for me?
What is the experience?
What is the feeling?
What is the Grace?

Meaning gives purposeful inspiration to action.
Meaning is the underlying thought that makes an action worthy of taking.
What is the meaning of this moment?
I Mean to gain clarity of mind and direction from this exploration of Mind.

Hope is trust in the future.
Hope is the feeling that all is well.
Hope lends it’s positive intention to action.
It says to me that my action today is creating a positive outcome for tomorrow.

Inspiration is the fire in my belly that fuels me.
Inspiration is the breath of a life well lived.
I breathe in Inspiration and I breathe out
Right thought, Right word, Right action.

Curiosity is the platform for Inspiration.
Curiosity is the undomesticated mind of the innocent child,
A Curious Mind has no room for agendas, expectations, and judgments.
Curiosity is a state of awe and wonder, inspired, and ever hopeful.

“My life flows like a river, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

Each morning, I awake to the possibility of allowing the moments of this day
To unfold without the conscious direction of Mind.
When I remain in a state of presence, Mind is a curious observer
of the movie called My Life… playing in and around me.

Time unfolds, and My Life is a continuous creation… not separate…
But deeply connected and part of everyone and everything I perceive,
And also everything I don’t perceive.
The seen and unseen, the heard and unheard, the felt and unfelt…
I Am That.

Trusting in the Divine Unfolding Play of the Universe
I watch with Curiosity as I play out my tiny part.
My tiny life. This tiny moment.
Nothing more than the opportunity to Dance with Grace.


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