Point of Perfect Balance

glider launchThe man I live with is my best friend. Our story includes the fact that we met when I was eleven, he was thirteen, and when we reconnected in 2008, we had not seen each other since 1970. That gap of thirty-eight years is filled with a couple of interesting stories but today I am writing about what happened last night.
George has been flying every day this week giving sailplane rides to boy scouts. There is a camp near us and every summer the boy scout leaders schedule a week of rides for the boys who are at camp. G seats two boys in the backseat of his glider, they launch and he gives them a fifteen to twenty-minute thrill doing “wing-overs” and “drops” (think fifteen minutes on a roller coaster at 2000 feet above the earth!) He circles and lands, and loads up two more. This goes on all day…for a week. He gives around twenty rides a day.
When he got home around six last night he said he felt like he was still flying. I have had a similar experience when I have been on water for a long time. When I get off the boat I have “sea legs” and there have been times when I lie down to sleep and can still feel myself rocking. I suppose it has something to do with the vestibular system righting itself.
G went outside while I was fixing dinner to take a walk around the retreat, stretch his legs and ground himself. The sunset was beautiful and he had the kittens for company as he climbed the hill to stand where the sunset view is best. When he came in fifteen minutes later, he looked me in the eyes and said, “I just found my point of perfect balance.” He proceeded to describe his experience of standing and looking at the sky and listening to the sounds and the sensory information coming in created a “flashback” to “thousands of moments in his life when he experienced great joy.”
I said, “Can you take me there…now?”
I followed him outside. We walked west to the fence, and then followed the path that climbs to the high point on the south fence line of the property. He stopped, turned, and faced the setting sun, which was fading into the horizon. I stood in front of him and we breathed and grounded together in silence, taking in the environment. I heard the sounds of the farm animals coming from our neighbors across the road. I felt the cool breeze move across my face and hair. I saw the new moon, to the left of the setting sun in the palest of blue skies. I felt G’s body standing behind me and I heard his deep breathing.
He began to speak, describing to me what he was experiencing. He said it was easy to bring back the sensation that had captured him moments before. It was a feeling of “being in perfect balance within the Universe.”
He continued, “I know that there is no longer a need to seek. I am in the place I have always sought. As I stand here and take in the sensory information, with lightning speed I transport through my life, thousands of images flashing through my mind, all of which connect to this moment. Every sight, sound, smell and feeling sensation is linking me to an experience from my past that has the same emotional flavor of joy. I am in the space/time point of perfect balance and I can return here whenever I choose.”
I am looking forward to sunset with G tonight.


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