Tomorrow I drive to Sedona. Today I sit with where I am now and what is happening here. Joel’s grandmother, Esther Chin, died on Thursday. Diana’s best friend, Carla, died yesterday. Passings…shifts in consciousness…big change.

The turn of the calendar page and the number changes from 2013 to 2014 causing me to ponder the past and the future.
2013 was the year Mountain Valley Retreat was born…a dream made manifest. 2014 will be the year people come and experience this place that has become my home and the place of my dreams.
It has begun. Rosey came into our lives when she arrived as a pilot from England looking for a place to stay and a chance to fly with G. Now she is our friend and is going to Sedona with me tomorrow.
The Yurt filled with students yesterday and I received the gift of being able to teach yoga and share my passion with open-hearted souls seeking greater self-understanding and peace.
I cannot know what 2014 has in store for me. What I know is I feel indescribable gratitude for the gifts I received in 2013 and I enter this New Year riding the flow of grace that supports me and loves me unconditionally.

My word for 2014 is Gratitude.  It is my 2014 Intention to share the grace I am experiencing with everyone who enters my field. May the Blessings of the Universe continue to manifest in my life and the lives of everyone I touch.

Sharon Streamer IMG_4366 Woman's Lodge Sun Salute in Sedona yurt yogaEsalen Esalen evening Wow 061-IMG_2195 That was funny! Maria Lucia's Scholars 041-IMG_1919 DCIM100GOPRO G Flying Sunset 175-IMG_5240 179-IMG_5273 Sweet Summer at the Cabin Everyone should have this much fun!IMG_3592IMG_4571IMG_4625Snowflake aka LemurLemurIMG_4065IMG_4039170px-African_Grey_Parrot_(Psittacus_erithacus)_-held_on_handIMG_0002

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