By Thy Grace

IMG_7559I am sitting here with the windows open breathing in the cool, moist air feeling so grateful that Nature has rained her Grace on us!
Yesterday was magical. G and I went hiking in the Santa Ysabel Preserve on the Coast to Crest Trail. It was mid-morning and with a bit of thunder and occasional gentle rains, we had the trail to ourselves as others feared the unpredictable weather of these mountains… but we were called to hike on!

17-IMG_7585 18-IMG_7586 15-IMG_7583 10-IMG_7576
I started building cairns and the day felt light and carefree and playful. When we finished the west loop we went to the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel’s annual Gathering which was happening beside the trail staging area. It felt like we were back in our childhood home (South Dakota) when we indulged in Indian Tacos which I’ve only eaten at Cheyenne Crossing in the Black Hills before yesterday.
As we drove back to Mountain Valley Retreat the skies opened wide and the rain started falling. It poured! When we got home the rains continued for an HOUR! It felt so good to walk around and get soaked to the skin with big grins on our faces! The light rain continued off and on throughout the evening and I could hear the plants soaking it in and the water tank filling to the brim.
Today, the weather maps are showing another band of rain heading our way, due to arrive about the same time as yesterday in the early afternoon. The Sweet Grace of beautiful nourishing, nurturing rain is upon us. Thank you, Mom.

18-IMG_7614 20-IMG_7620 09-IMG_7590 09-IMG_7574

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