My Daughter’s Getting Married


She thought it was a big surprise
But I already heard
He called and asked me late last week
And I gave him my word.

She is a stately beauty
Not a child anymore
Heads turn to look when she walks in
Men follow out the door.

He found her tending bar one night
She was ready to move on
The place of youth no longer served
They talked until the dawn.

She saw in him a quiet strength
Reflected in herself
Twin souls reached out to heal the pain
That rested on the shelf

He is not the only one
Two children come along
She loves them as she will her own
She sings a mother’s song.

She is an extra special one
Her gifts beyond just smart
Angel wings tucked in her back
Protecting her great heart

I bless them in their union
I hold them to my breast
Then watch them go to find their way
Not different from the rest

Who struggle with relationships
Who get up when they fall
Connection is the way to truth
The teacher of us all

So my dear sweet Genevieve
Get married and feel blessed
To have a man who sees your strength
And turns not from the test

My love for you is deep and true
I’ll always be the one
That you can call to share your joy
Or tears, when day is done.

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