dirt on keyboard

A friend called to tell me my email was hacked this morning. I changed my passwords and noticed that it didn’t bring up the usual emotions of anger and frustration. I simply met the situation and did what I could to make it right. There was a thought along the lines of “what else did they hack into?” In addition, “should I change ALL of my passwords?” I decided not to…
Technology is a double-edged sword for me…on one side it cuts time and allows me to communicate in ways I would never be able to without it. On the other side, it cuts into my simple life, making a more complex and complicated existence. Some days I long for the simplicity of a life without internet technology.
I imagine what it would be like to have no TV, no phones and no computer. What if the only way to reach someone was to go see them or write them a letter. I live in the backcountry an hour from the city and without close neighbors. I can walk about my two acres of land and never see anyone. There is a comfort, peace and security in that. I have lived in cities…I prefer this life.
Don’t think I don’t enjoy people. I love to interact with friends and family and I really enjoy visitors. I welcome my yoga students and clients who show up at my house. I also love those days when I see no one and those rarer days when I speak to no one. I love a day when I have nothing to do but sit and enjoy the land, work on my projects, read a book or write. On those days I find myself relaxing into my body and breathing deeper. I feel a deeper sense of connection to the land and myself. Life feels easy and satisfying.
Balance is the key…a little of this and a little of that…even with technology. When I balance my time at the computer and phone or watching TV with all the other things I have to do, it can be an enhancement to my life, not a constraint.
So even with hackers, I am grateful for technology and the ability to communicate through the magical machines that instantly transport ideas through word and picture around the world. I just need to remember to stay grounded, present to the “real” world, and not let the virtual world overtake me.computer in the woods

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