Here Now In This

vapor pool
I’m sleepy
Body feels snuggly
Bed is warm and soft
Sheets are silky

Sleep invites
Just one more venture
Into dreamland
Roll over and slumber

Eyes are heavy
Won’t stay open
Breath is slow
Air is cool

Falling slowly
Into the deep
I’m not asleep
But my body is

I’m watching
I’m listening
I’m aware
I feel

I see
Though my eyes are closed
I hear
Though the room is silent

In this place
I am not alone
The Fullness of Your Presence
Fills me

Who am I
That is not alone?
The one whose body sleeps,
It is she.

Who is this
Presence that is with her?
All-Knowing Sweetness
Spirit Guide

Power Animal
Nature Spirit
Protecting Angel
Whispering Muse

My heart is full
My mind is empty
My body is gone
I am nothing but breath

In the void
I am more than
I ever am
In the illusion

I am Wisdom of the Ages
I am All That Is
I am Loving Compassion
I am Here Now In This.


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