It’s July…the hottest month of our year in Ranchita.  My well is stressed.  And I keep allowing the water to run because I don’t check for irrigation leaks often enough.  My irrigation system has timers and they fail.  And when they do, the water just keep running until the safety shut-off on the big water tank kicks in and shuts all the water off.

At least I still have water…even if it is in the ground and in the bottom half of the tank.  And when I can access it, it is safe, and clean and delicious!  I can’t even imagine what it must be like to not have access to safe water.  This thought drew me to look up the statistic.  This is what I just found: “1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water. 2.6 billion people lack adequate sanitation. 1.8 million people die every year from diarrhoeal diseases, including 90 % of children under 5. This situation is no longer bearable.”

This situation is no longer bearable.  What does that mean?  If I can’t bear something, I must change it… or what?  How does this change happen in a world where the people with the power to make change have other priorities?  How can safe water not be the first priority for our global community?

We are not a global community.  We don’t have the connections which create community between our countries.  Instead, we are separated by borders and fear and hate.

This morning, as I sit here waiting for my water tank to recover from my laziness so I can take a shower and get a cold drink, I pray for forgiveness to all those human beings whose cup is empty.

Ode to Water

waterfallDear Water
I take you for granted
Turn on a faucet and out you flow
Hot or cold to my choosing

Pristine Water
Bringing life-giving minerals
From deep in your Earth
To nourish my body and mind

Refreshing Water
Showering over my dry skin
Rinsing off the dust and sweat
Cooling me down from the heat of the day

Comforting Water
I slide into your deep moist heat
My bones sigh with relief
Muscles relax as you rock me to sleep

Playful Water
Fountains high into the sunlight
Creating rainbows of delight
Children delighting in your liquid magic

I am one of the fortunate few
My water is abundant and pure
This gift from our Earth
Essential to all living things

Sweet Waters of our Earth
Oceans, rivers, lakes and streams
What have we done to You
In our foolish pursuit of More

We have sullied your Precious Fluid
Dark and dank have we made your wells
Islands of poison float in your oceans
Your rivers flow with fire.

Must we perish in the drought of our own awakening
May we arouse our slumbering guardian
To rescue us from our path of self-destruction
I pray we learn to honor your gifts before it’s too late