Retirement as a Spiritual Practice


My Tenets for Retirement as a Spiritual Practice

  • Live Only for Love
  • Live Life for the Love of Life
  • Be Grateful for All That I Have AND
  • Know That All That I Have is Enough
  •  My Body Was Born To Die
    • Every Breath is a Gift from Life
    • Be Grateful, Be Happy
    • Feel Joyful, Feel Loved
  • Give Only Love and Receive Only Love
    • Love IS the Flow that Moves Through Me
    • Love IS the Energy that Heals
    • Love is the Truth, All Else is the Illusion
    • Everything that isn’t Love Dies
    • Love Can Never Die
    • Love is the Creative Force of Life.                            

My words point my reader toward an embodied experience which can only be understood when it is felt. The mind will have many arguments about these tenets…they are not for the mind. Hold these concepts in your body and feel them with your heart. Only then, will you understand how they can be true. Your experiences are welcome if you would share them.

Where is your Wild Feminine?

wild woman dancingA friend asked of the quote in my email signature, “What does “Wild Feminine” mean?”
Christiane Northrup, M.D. was one of my early teachers. I first heard the phrase “wild feminine” at a workshop I attended in Kansas City in 1995. At that workshop, I heard Christiane say, “Wild Feminine is the medicine we all need to bodily reclaim the power and pleasure that is our birthright.”
Last year I took a yoga teacher training workshop with Leslie Howard in New York City. Leslie teaches yoga for the pelvic floor. In her recommended reading list is the book Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body by Tami Lynn Kent. When the book arrived, I was surprised and delighted to find Christiane’s quote across the top of the front cover! Tami refers to her book as “a guide for women to access the power, spirit & joy of their inherent creative energy.”
In my work as a cranial-sacral therapist and yoga / meditation teacher, I have used the term “inner landscape” to describe the experience of turning sensory awareness inward. As external stimulation releases, internal awareness increases and one encounters a sensory experience of the “inner landscape” of their body.
Tami speaks of the “wild feminine landscape” as women’s internal creative range.
The world is shifting and it seems to some of us as if the “feminine” is rising. What does this mean? The world has long been out of balance with regard to the “masculine/feminine energies” and in our planetary evolution, the human race is moving towards balance. These energy patterns are discussed in the medical texts of China, Tibet and India. The ancient Chinese called the point of balance we inherently seek, “the Tao.” The Tibetans called it the “Rigpa.” In modern medicine the term is” homeostasis”, a state of equilibrium or a tendency to reach equilibrium, either metabolically within a cell or organism or socially and psychologically within an individual or group.

Deutsch: Yin Yang
Consider the qualities of feminine energy. These energies, called “yin” in Chinese, are “relatively” dark, cold, passive, inside, downward, substance, water, matter, mysterious, moon, night, earth, and even. In contrast are the masculine or “yang” energies. They are “relatively” light, hot, active, outside, upward, function, fire, energy, obvious, sun, heaven, and odd. Notice that yin describes things that are relatively denser, heavier, lower, more hidden, more yielding, and more feminine. The opposite conditions are yang: things that are less dense, lighter, higher, more obvious, more masculine, and more dynamic. These energies are relative, not absolute. To grasp this relativity, compare one to the other. For example, in the context of temperature, we say cool is yin and warm is yang, but an 80-degree day is yin relative to a 100-degree day!
Yin contains yang, yin becomes yang, and yin controls yang. If we stay too long in an unbalanced situation, the universe acts to restore balance. It throws us to the other side. Some of us are actively working to bring about restoration of balance without having to go through the suffering that dramatic upheaval causes.
In support of this cause, I teach Yin and Pelvic Floor Yoga at my studio and mindfulness meditation practice. In a few weeks, I will be teaching my yoga practice and supporting the women who gather at Esalen Institute for healing the “wild feminine” at Healing the Pelvic Floor: Reclaiming Your Power, Sexuality and Pleasure Potential.
I believe men need healing of their “wild feminine” as well as women. Remember, yin contains yang. As we restore a sense of the sacred within our bodies, the “wild feminine” within us all will be recognized as the Divine Feminine, source of all creation.  As we individually find balance within, the human race will collectively experience equanimity.Wild Woman CreedWild child

Ode to Water

waterfallDear Water
I take you for granted
Turn on a faucet and out you flow
Hot or cold to my choosing

Pristine Water
Bringing life-giving minerals
From deep in your Earth
To nourish my body and mind

Refreshing Water
Showering over my dry skin
Rinsing off the dust and sweat
Cooling me down from the heat of the day

Comforting Water
I slide into your deep moist heat
My bones sigh with relief
Muscles relax as you rock me to sleep

Playful Water
Fountains high into the sunlight
Creating rainbows of delight
Children delighting in your liquid magic

I am one of the fortunate few
My water is abundant and pure
This gift from our Earth
Essential to all living things

Sweet Waters of our Earth
Oceans, rivers, lakes and streams
What have we done to You
In our foolish pursuit of More

We have sullied your Precious Fluid
Dark and dank have we made your wells
Islands of poison float in your oceans
Your rivers flow with fire.

Must we perish in the drought of our own awakening
May we arouse our slumbering guardian
To rescue us from our path of self-destruction
I pray we learn to honor your gifts before it’s too late

Sweet Mystery

oak tree drawing

Rebecca Meredith

Looking up
Green feathers surrounding
Bright blue orb
Sway to Nature’s song

Singing birds
Layer their melody
On the rhythm
Of the wind

Swirling mists
Rise silently
Earth’s moistness
Kissing the air

One brilliant ray
Cuts through the green
Laser straight
To the ground

Small circle
Warming heat
Penetrates to
Life below

Inside seed
Temperature rises
Message arrives
Time to grow

Cracking open
Pushing through
Moving toward the light

Baby green shoot
Comes forth from below
Surrounded by family
Nourished by Mother

Earth, Water, Fire, Air
Alchemy of Life
Enchanted Science
Magical Miracle

I lie here on the ground
Inside a circle of oaks
Looking up at the sky
Surrounded by Life

In this moment
I feel myself as a tree
My roots dropping deep
Soaking up the moist earth

The sun on my face
The earth beneath me
The water running though me
The wind that surrounds me.

Connecting me to each blade of grass,
Every tiny creature and the vastness of it all.
Sweet Mystery of Love
At last I’ve found you.light through oak