If Only We Learn to Listen…

Earth garden
My garden is a wheel
Its hub a light reflecting amethyst
Its rows concentric circles
Wheels inside of wheels inside of wheels

The spoke paths connect
The innermost wheel
To the outermost wheel
Like a medicine wheel

I spoke to the Devas of Nature
They told me what to do
I listened carefully taking notes
And followed their instructions as best I could

They pointed me to the exact spot
And the shape that it would be
They told me its dimensions
And the distance between each row.Garden Workbook

They told me what to plant
And which species should be neighbors
I co-created with Nature
What could be more fun than that?

The invitation awaits you
Listen to the Nature Spirits
They want to help you, too
Perelandra will show you the way.

I am a part of Nature
Why should anyone doubt
That I can communicate with myself
To learn the purpose of my landNature Spirit

Co-creation is the key
To working hand in hand
Nature moves through us
Bringing balance to our lives

If only we learn to listen…


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