If I Were Brave…

sun and treeIf I were brave like you, my friend,
What would I do this day?
With your courage and conviction,
From my path, I would not stray.

If I were brave I wouldn’t listen
To the ones who say “You’ll fail!”
I would sail my ship across the sea.
I would walk the longest trail.

If I were brave my heart would rule
With guidance from my mind.
I would not hear the voice of fear
That keeps my hopes confined.

I would climb the rocks that block my path
I would ford the raging stream
No hindrance would dissuade me
From fulfilling my great dream.

Courage is the choice I’d make
To keep me strong and straight.
If I were brave, I‘d make my move.
I would not hesitate.

If I were brave I could not fail
The challenges I’d face.
No matter the endeavor
I’d always win the race.moon on water

You show me what real courage is.
To ride the lifelong wave.
From you I learn that love is bold
For you I may be brave.


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