The Old Man and the Young Woman

Pacific Crest Trail logo

“Those are some Keen boots you have there,”
The old man said.
“The better to climb mountains with,”
The young woman replied.

“Does that tent pole double as a hiking stick?”
He continued.
“One less thing to carry,”
She explained.

“I’ve never seen such a small, strangely shaped tent,”
He walked around and stared.
“It protects me from the elements,
while I’m sleeping in the wild.”

“What is that balloon-animal-thing
lying on the ground?”
“Why, that’s my air mat with spaces
for sleeping bag loft to keep me warm.”

“Where are you going with that pack-
full of equipment on your back?”
“I’m walking from Mexico to Canada
On the Pacific Crest Trail.”

“Why would anyone do such a trek?
Wouldn’t you rather stay home and watch TV?”
“I’m an adventure seeker.
I like the feeling of testing my body and mind.”

“Well good luck to you then, My Dear.
God Speed and I’ll see you in four months.”
“Thank you for that kindness.
When I reach Canada, I may just walk on to Alaska.”


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