Selective Amnesia

Comedy and tragedy masks-II

What if I could erase my memories?
Gone would be the judgment
that arises from expectations
of repeated history.

I would no longer awake
to melancholy
remembering the plays of my past
fearing they are rehearsing for another run.

With the option of selecting
Comedy or tragedy
tragedy must have more weight.
The scales tip in its favor.

Is it chemistry?
Are the opiate receptors blocked?
Am I incapable of feeling
the joy that past encounters brought?

Why must I dwell on
these thoughts of failure
when the evidence of success
is all around me?

Why do I fall into the pit
of love lost
when love found
is within me?

Life is a fleeting illusion.
For a holy moment I am here feeling it will last forever.
Each happiness, held dearly, vanishes in an instant.
Every drama replays itself endlessly in my mind.


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