yoga 3

A new day dawns
Two women will be arriving soon
They want to learn “yoga.”

To teach yoga is not a simple thing.
In fact, I cannot “teach” yoga, I can only lead one down the path of yoga.
It is not the yogi who teaches, it is the practice from which one learns.
Yoga is a lifelong journey home to oneself.

To many, yoga means asana.
Poses of the body which stretch, strengthen, and create balance.
Asana teaches the body to sit in stillness.

To some yoga means breath.
Breath is an anchor to bring attention to the body.
Pranayama teaches the mind to focus.

Beyond the postures and the breath lies the heart of yoga.
Five Yamas name the behaviors and attitudes of a Yogi toward the world.
Five Niyamas name the behaviors and attitudes towards ourselves.

Pratyahara is withdrawal, release from temptations of the senses.
Dharana is contact, focus of the mind in a single direction.
Dhyana is connection, moving the mind in one direction like a quiet river, communicating with a single object of attention.
Samadhi is merging, mind becomes one with the object of its attention.

Meditation is the practice of Dharana to prepare the mind for Dhyana through which one might reach Samadhi.
No longer a “me” separate from an “other.”
Only one.

A journey of discovery inward towards truth.
The experience of who I AM:  One with All That Is and All That Is Not.

yoga saying


3 thoughts on “Yoga

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  2. Thank you for the Pingback on “Yoga.” I appreciate sharing the truth of what yoga is beyond the classes that teach only asana. Thanks for reading…


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