Not a Problem

water dance

Life is a Mystery.
To be Lived
With Curiosity
What discoveries lie ahead?
With Enthusiasm
I am giving it my all.
With Purpose
I keep my eye on my North Star.
With joyousness
I smile at the paradox of life.
With Peace
I meet each moment with trust and goodwill.
With Interest
My awareness stays present to the now.
With Kindness
I demonstrate my reverence for all living things.
With Passion
Resistance will not keep me from my purpose.
With Devotion
I am loyal to my Source.
With Delight
I rise with gladness to what this day will bring.
With Goodwill
I willingly share all that I am with others.
With Compassion
Innocence wins over experience.
With Love
I feel tender affection for all living things.
With Gratitude
For all that I have and all that I am, I am thankful.

Life is a Mystery to be lived,
Not a problem to be solved.

I am ever grateful for this life I have been given.


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