Nest in a Nest

dream bedWhy do I resist
Crawling gratefully between
The cool, crisp white sheets?

Sliding into the land of dreams
Mind clings to consciousness
Crying, “But I might miss something important!”

But once the line is crossed
It is as if she never existed.
I am snuggly and safely tucked into the nest.

Free to travel the lands of the other-worlds
Free to fly, to swim, to ride
On the backs of my loyal animal guides

Exploring the worlds
That must remain on the other side
Of the veil of waking consciousness

In the other-worlds
I am freed of earthly limitations
That constrain me to a small life

I move unhindered by space and time
I understand the unknowable
I feel absolute power and freedom

When my eyes open to ordinary reality
I stretch long my legs
To find the delicious coolness of the soft sheet.

I nuzzle my head
Deep into the pillow
Calling back for a moment the sweetness of sleep.


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