Sweet Mystery

oak tree drawing

Rebecca Meredith

Looking up
Green feathers surrounding
Bright blue orb
Sway to Nature’s song

Singing birds
Layer their melody
On the rhythm
Of the wind

Swirling mists
Rise silently
Earth’s moistness
Kissing the air

One brilliant ray
Cuts through the green
Laser straight
To the ground

Small circle
Warming heat
Penetrates to
Life below

Inside seed
Temperature rises
Message arrives
Time to grow

Cracking open
Pushing through
Moving toward the light

Baby green shoot
Comes forth from below
Surrounded by family
Nourished by Mother

Earth, Water, Fire, Air
Alchemy of Life
Enchanted Science
Magical Miracle

I lie here on the ground
Inside a circle of oaks
Looking up at the sky
Surrounded by Life

In this moment
I feel myself as a tree
My roots dropping deep
Soaking up the moist earth

The sun on my face
The earth beneath me
The water running though me
The wind that surrounds me.

Connecting me to each blade of grass,
Every tiny creature and the vastness of it all.
Sweet Mystery of Love
At last I’ve found you.light through oak


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