Oh, Holy Breath

Breath Deep (275 x 389)Sweet breath of life
I sing your praises.

You are my anchor.

You bring me back to my body
when Mind steals me away.

No matter how far into the past or future I wander,
in a holy instant, awareness of you brings me home.

You are my ocean upon whose waves prana surfs,
washing through me with life-giving energy.

With every breath I am born again;
filled with the promise of life…

each exhalation, an opportunity to release
all that I am holding that no longer serves me.

With a single conscious breath
I am filled with nurturing, nourishing Life-Force Energy.

Coming up from the Earth,
I breathe the breath of the Divine Mother
into every cell.

Oh, Holy Breath,
because of you,
my body wakes to the joy of another living day.

breath rock


2 thoughts on “Oh, Holy Breath

    • I am thinking how we are connecting through our breath right now…oh, the Oneness of it all. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Namaste’ Chery http://www.owensholistictherapy.com I invite you to visit my blog: Source Reflections”Where is YOUR Wild Feminine?”

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