Things My Friends Taught Me

TrustThing my friends taught me
have not made life’s path more certain
yet bolstered my assurance
that I might navigate with some measure of success.

I learned that giving
without expectation of returns
has its own rewards.

I learned that tolerance
brings far greater recompense
than small-mindedness.

I learned that genuine caring
is never a burden.

I learned that will is more powerful
than great attempt.

I learned that innocence
triumphs over experience.

I learned that laughter and tears
are equally blissful expressions.

I learned that tender touch
and loving presence heals.

I learned that courage
in the face of loss
looks like joy.

I learned that loving
with a full-open heart
is not to be feared.

I learned that Spirit
triumphs over death.


2 thoughts on “Things My Friends Taught Me

  1. i love the lines
    innocence triumphs over experience and totally agree. if feel when we come from a place of innocence we are like children ready for every possibility
    and the line courage in the face of triumph looks like joy 🙂


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