Can you hold me for a long moment with my sadness?tranquil lake

For this sorrow feels too large for me to bear alone.

I awakened to this dark chamber of grief.

Can it be my own?

My limbs lie as dead weights from my body,

My gut an empty lead balloon,

My heart compressed to a cold, hard stone.

Such weight bears on my chest that each breath must labor to finds its way into the flattened chambers.

If only I can curl my naked pain wracked body into the hollow of your chest

your compassion may begin to warm the icy grip on my spine.

This misery that clutches me seems more than one person can possibly know.

Perhaps in slumber, in the innocent vulnerability of unconsciousness,

I cracked open and allowed in the desolation of others.

Perhaps like a magnet my own despondency attracted the heartache of other souls

desperately seeking their own passageway to liberation.

Can you wrap your life force around me and float me through my river of tears?

For what is this wretchedness if not the loss of connection to love?

In my grief I have forgotten that I am loved.

Can you not remember this to me so that my own life force can return and rescue me from myself?

Can your heart connect to mine and be my lifeline to love?

Breathe your breath of promise into my chest

Take my hand and lead me back to the garden so I can smell the flowers and know that love is alive.

Kiss my eyes open to the joy that this sad tale floats upon.

Touch me deeply for one long moment so I can find my way back to the soul of love that is within me.



3 thoughts on “Lament

  1. There are so many grieving hearts around me, but sharing those hearts is extremely difficult ans sometimes impossible….human bondage….


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