Monkey Mind

English: Grotesque, St Sampson's Church, Crick...

Oh, Monkey Mind,

You are so mean to me.

You play your tape of disaster

telling me how wrong I am.

You cause me to ask myself,

“What was I thinking?”

“Who do I think I am?”

“Am I crazy, or just plain stupid?”

But I have the antidote to you!

So now I simply breathe.

I feel my feet resting fully on the ground.

I call myself away from you and into my bones.

I rest back into the unseen support

I know is always here for me.

I feel the mighty energies around me

embracing me gently with love.

We are so much more powerful than you,

Hoodoos, Massai Nature Trail, Chiricahua Natio...

Hoodoos, Massai Nature Trail

mean-spirited, evil, Hoodoo!

I picture you jumping up and down

in a fit of foolish rage at your failure.


There it is…I feel myself smiling…

a big grin cracks my face open.

You may sneak in but you cannot endure

against the superior forces that hold me.

I align myself with these beautiful angels of mercy.

I feel the unconditional support of my Mother Earth.

I resonate with trust, hope, goodness and all that is true.

You are no test for us now.

Their love is stronger than your hatred

can ever imagine being.

Shrivel up and cower in the corner, Monkey Mind.

For Love conquers all.

Original caption from NASA: "S103-E-5037 ...


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