Single-seat high performance fiberglass Glaser...

The sky was blue
The day was true
Sailplane launched into the air
Teen-age boy on his virgin flight
Holding the stick way too tight
Glad the old pilot was there

For a measure of time they had a gift
Dancing the ridge that gave them lift
Setting sun said to turn east
Banked away from the hill
The boy asked for a thrill
Not knowing the lid had released

Dropped into a roll
Never losing control
Not knowing all the facts
G-force took over
No lost composure
As glass rained down their backs

The canopy scattered
The glass shield was shattered
The pilot turned it around
Flew down the ship
Smooth to the strip
Wheels safely on the ground

In the midst of disaster
The man was the master
The boy had lessons to learn
At the end of the day
They both walked away
And tomorrow, they’ll return


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