IMG_2319Lemur died yesterday. He came to California just five days shy of exactly four years ago. I came here to start over, to being anew, to release the past and create a new future. Lemur was my feline companion.
I have had many pets…dogs and cats too many to count, three horses and lots of small critters and birds. Lemur stands out among them. Something about this cat was special. Was it only because he came to me under unique circumstances? Was it to do with me feeling better about the death of my friend from whose house Lemur came to mine? Was it because in that time I was in the midst of a major life changing event myself?
Was Lemur’s life a metaphor for my own? He lost his constant companion and was set adrift to be rescued by me, his unlikely savior. I lost my life as I knew it and was set adrift to be rescued by me, my unlikely savior. Together we weathered the storms and came to settle in the mountains of California near the sea.
No longer alone, a companion joined us. G is my childhood friend from South Dakota. With a warrior’s heart that softens for the weak and helpless, G has loved Lemur with the same tender fierceness as I. And he loves me the same. He is the warrior-protector to my weak and helpless side, and stands as an equal to my strong, self-reliance.
Lemur slept between us. He rested between the two loving energies that nurtured and nourished his soul, and gave back his own measure of nurturing, nourishing soul comfort. He loved us as well as we loved him.
I am grateful for every day Lemur graced my life. His strong silent presence was a constant reminder that I am not alone. He licked my head when I had fever, he rubbed my hand when I needed comfort, he lay beside me when I was lonely, he was my constant companion and faithful friend to the end.  I find solace in my belief that he is now, in Spirit, restored.  His beautiful feline body rests beneath a magnificent oak and is returning to the arms of Mother Earth.


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