Ode to Izzy


I gaze into your mystical half-opened eye
And follow it into the depths of your presence
You are the oracle of my living room
Sitting like a Buddha
In the vortex of Cathedral’s red rocks
Holding sage insights
For those who gaze at you and see.
The smoke from your incense curls up toward the heavens
Where stars twinkle like the smile in your eye
You connect with me, Oh Wise Lizard One.
You commune with me in your infinite silence
When brush met canvas
Did your creator appreciate
The magical mystery she was bringing to life?
For you, Sri Izzy, are more than a work of art
You are a Guru
You clarify, you edify, you inspire.
You bless this house with your
Ever-still presence
Winking wisely from the wall.

Photo of Original Artwork by Stacey Landfield


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