Dream On

Happy Easter…Resurrection…New Life.

Resting Comfortably

            Resting Comfortably

I like today’s number, 3.31.13. In Numerology today’s date is a 2. (Add the digits, re-add until they are between 1 and 9.) In the science of Numerology, the 2 stands out as a very loving and harmonious vibration.
I am feeling the energy of harmony and love today. Lemur is eating and feeling better and I’ll take that. The tumors are still there but he is comfortable and I can enjoy this day with him and not project what the future may bring.
My daughter, Genevieve called this morning. Her boyfriend, Garet, hid an engagement ring in an egg and put it in her Easter Basket. I am happy for them and pleased that they have found one another for mutual love and support in this important child-rearing phase of their lives.
I remember a dream from last night. It feels worthy of exploration. In the “mind-mapping” method it goes like this:
I’ll call this dream “Invasion.”

Women in Pakistan

       Women in Pakistan

1. I arrive “home” to a very large, one story, sprawling walk-in basement house with a number of “wings” and entrances. The house is white stucco with a ceramic tile roof.
2. A dozen Pakistani women in traditional dress are leaving the house hurriedly by the same entrance I am using. They are carrying stolen things from house. Their attitude is apologetic.
3. I call to them and say if they come back I will call the police.
4. I go inside and set about securing the doors and windows. The sense I have is that they are working for men who are controlling their actions with threats.
5. I discover my adult son and a few of his male friends. They seem stoned or slightly drunk. They are getting ready to leave. I ask him if he “noticed” a dozen women had just robbed our house! He said no and had a casual attitude about the news as if it wasn’t important to him.

The symbols in this dream that seem significant include the large sprawling basement house; the Pakistani women in their colorful sari-like dresses, bowing and apologizing as they steal my goods; my idle threat to call the authorities “if they return” rather than now even though a crime has been committed; my sense that they are “doing the dirty work” of men who control them; the” laissez-faire” attitude of my son and his friends.
If this dream is all about me, the animate and inanimate objects alike, in the dream interpretation philosophy of C.G Jung and Fritz Perls, what might these symbols mean?
Perhaps the large sprawling basement represents my physical body. I am “losing” parts of myself (stolen goods) and they are leaving by way of my feminine but directed by my masculine energies. I don’t want to “blame” the feminine aspect (call the authorities) because I recognize that it is the masculine that needs to be addressed (the men giving the orders to the women.) The masculine aspect of myself (represented by my son and his male friends) is care-free and does not recognize that there is a loss.
I ask myself, “Where in my life do I feel a loss?” I fear losing my beloved Lemur. I fear loss of everyone I care about to death.
I ask myself more deeply, “Is death truly a loss to be feared?” And I know that the answer is no. Death is a not a loss, it is a transformation, an opportunity for rebirth. I am remembering the words of my principal teacher, Osho.
“We are all caught in the wheel of time. Birth is followed by death, death is followed by birth. Consciousness is only a mirror. Neither do we come, nor do we go. We become young, we become old; we are alive, we are dead. All these states are simply reflections in an eternal pool of consciousness.”

Osho („Rajneesh“ Chandra Mohan Jain)

     Osho             (Rajneesh)


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