Mind Mapping the Dreamtime


I don’t know what has happened in my brain but my dream-time has suddenly gone into high gear. I had four powerful dreams last night that I remember quite well. I am going to explore them using the “Mind Mapping” technique Joel taught us.
I am going to choose the first five images that come to mind as I recall each dream and then see what memories or thoughts the images evoke.  My study of the Native American Medicine Wheel will support my understanding.
The first dream I’ll call “Yellow.”
1. I’m eight years old wearing bright yellow pants, shirt and rain slicker.
2. A dark zombie-like man (think an evil Tom Cruise crossed with Michael Jackson in Thriller) is after me to kill me.  There are two dead bodies on the floor.
3. I escape the house and am running through the neighborhoods I grew up in. It is night and it is raining.
4. Two younger children join me and we are traveling together.  There is the feeling of me being a “Dog Soldier” here.
5. One child falls in a concrete drainage ditch filled with rushing water. I help him out and he is okay.  We seek refuge at a “safe” house.
I’ll call the second dream “Flying.”
1. I am a young woman, early twenties, driving alone down a steep, winding dirt mountain road. It is late afternoon, dusk.
2. I come around a corner, moving fast and am shocked to discover I am flying through the air as in the famous scene that ends the movie “Thelma and Louise.”
3. As I fall through the air I am separated from the car and I hit the surface of a still, deep lake feet first and go down, down, down through the water until my feet touch the bottom. My coat comes up over my head as I hit the water and traps air inside.
4. As I begin to surface I notice I am breathing the air trapped inside my coat and the water is comfortably warm.  This feels like a deep dive into my emotional life.  The message is, it is safe to feel what I feel.
5. Safely on the bank, I hike to a nearby campground and find someone to tell my amazing story to. He casually reacts and says, “Oh, people go off that cliff all the time.”
The third dream I’ll call, “Returning.”
1. I am back in the second dream. I am with my then-husband at the top of the mountain where there is a casino/visitor center and trails that go to the same lake of my second dream.
2. I ask him if he would like to walk to the site of the cliff I drove off in my car.
3. He doesn’t want to go but reluctantly agrees. It is night.
4. As we head down the trail a black, mangy wolf appears. It stands on its hind legs and menacingly licks and nibbles at my face.
5. My husband says the trail is unsafe and we can’t go down it.
The fourth and final dream of my night I’ll call “Leslie’s Bed.”
1. I am visiting a friend of G’s. The time is the present.
2. She lives out in the country. It looks like the rural mid-west in springtime.
3. She has built a bed outside and I am invited to sleep there. It is very soft and warm and comfortable. I feel safe. The air is balmy and warm.
4. When I awaken, her two little girls are on the bed with me and we play on the bed. Flowers are growing around the cast iron headboard. The scene is soft and pastel and lovely.
5. I think how much I love to sleep outside and wonder how she keeps the bed from becoming ruined when it rains. I look under the piles of eyelet covers and discover the bed is made with a regular mattress covered in many layers of air mattresses that protect it from water.
As I just read back through what I have written about my dreams last night I notice these things.
The elements of air and water are powerfully present and very positive forces. I have  the following associations with the elements.  The element of air represents connection and Spirit and water is the feminine element of the emotions. The elements of fire and earth are not so obviously present in my dreams.  Fire represents the masculine and the mental process and earth is the element of the physical body.
As the night progressed I aged in my dreams. In the first dream I’m about eight, the second early twenties, the third late twenties and the fourth is the present.   In “Returning” I am meeting the “Resistance” and asking the question of the “War Chief’s Lodge”, “Is this issue worth fighting for?”
The male energies in the dreams don’t feel supportive. The “monster-man” in “Yellow” is trying to kill me. The man I tell my story to in “Flying” discounts me. My ex-husband and the wolf in “Returning” are barriers to what I want.
The hooded yellow rain slicker in “Yellow” and the wolf in “Returning” remind me of the fairy tale, “Little Red Riding Hood.”
The female energy my character represents is strong and positive. She meets the challenges of each scene and does what is needed to survive. In “Leslie’s Bed” the feminine energy is strongly present in the springtime flowers and feeling of nature, in Leslie and her two daughters, who are wearing dresses, in the nurturing bed, and in the entire pastel dream-scape.  I am in the “women’s lodge.”
Although the dreams started out frightening they had a happy ending, like a PG movie with four scenes.
C.G. Jung wrote, “All day long I have exciting ideas and thoughts. But I take up in my work only those to which my dreams direct me.”
Now that I have a dream life, the challenge becomes understanding their messages. I am reminded of an ancient alchemical saying, “For those who have the symbol, the passage is easy.”


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