Into the Stillness

I relax into the presence of pure love... (366...

I relax into the presence of pure love…

I just moved from the meditation cushion to the desk and as I sit here and begin to write my mind is tugging me back to the tranquility of the space I just left. Pointing to that time and space, which words fail, are the experiences of safety and freedom.
I sat in deep silence, no thoughts interrupting my reverie, only a sensation of being held in a warm, watery, womb-like cocoon. I felt a steady vibration, strong and powerful, gentle and protective. Penetrating the darkness, a stream of light entered my consciousness. It surged up my central channel quickly exiting my crown without powerful sensation, only warmth and the perception of its unusual breadth and speed. It felt familiar and its course was open and unobstructed. As it reached my crown, I felt the sensation of satisfying fullness throughout my body as if the warm light had moved into every cell. Following the initial upwelling, the flow slowed to a gentler wave. I rested into the support of the experience allowing myself to open and receive what was being offered. After a while, my thoughts returned, and the first idea was, “I am safe” followed by “There is nothing to worry about.” The sensation that arose from those thoughts was the feeling of absolute freedom.
I am grateful for all my teachers who for the past forty years have pointed me in the direction of my Self. When I am able to get quiet enough and still enough, a sensation arises in my body which informs me that I am part of a great and powerful energy field which is infinitely powerful, intelligent and compassionate. My perception of this field feels feminine in her gentle nurturing nature and masculine in his strength and power. It is the two in one.
I am aware in this moment of the illusion of the duality of me. The deeply powerful force of nature I am feeling as a presence within is creating and animating me. She/He is beyond the power of words to express. The thoughts I am thinking come from another source…a part of the Creative Presence thinks it has fractured itself from the One and is acting as if it is independent. It is not, but the illusion is powerful. My head has a gentle ringing as my brain tries to find words to express the concept that is beyond conception. I surrender. There is nothing more to say but Namaste’


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