Its A New Day

Stones on a Rocky Ocean Beach

“They say it’s your birthday…Happy Birthday too ya…” sang the Beatles in 1968. I became an eighteen-year-old “adult” that year, left home for college in Denver and voted for McGovern. Talk about a year of big changes…that was one for sure. Many of my friends from high school were being sent to Vietnam, including the one I am living with today. The rest of us were getting jobs or in college. Big change was afoot. Life as we knew it was no more. It was a “new day.”
Every day is a “new day.” Only with the perspective of “time gone by” are we able to look back and notice the days that were thresholds into new eras. Each day is like a present to me. It is full of surprises. It opens with the dawn and I awaken and rise from my bed. My feet hit the floor and I sit for moment and check in with my body to see how I “feel.” I notice the physical sensations that arise and take a few deep, full breaths to allow the newly awakened state to integrate. As I move into the day, I don’t know what awaits me. I may have a plan, thinking I know what I’m going to do, but I have no idea what I will experience. Every moment holds infinite possibilities. Each possibility that is manifested creates a new field of possibilities for the next moment. And on and on it goes.
I am a creative being. I cannot be anything else. Creation is what I am. I am Universal Energy made manifest in a form that (for now) looks like me, feels like me, sounds like me and smells like me…I even taste like me! Within (and without) this form of me, is the creative force that is creating me. So it is me as well, or I am a part of it, to be more correct. As a drop of ocean is a drop of ocean and is part of the ocean, so am I a drop of creation and a part of creation. The drop can be separated from the ocean but that doesn’t stop it from being ocean. I may perceive myself as separate from creation, but that doesn’t stop me from being a part of creation.
In this field of infinite possibility I exist as a form, one of the infinite possibilities, that has consciousness of itself. It is that very consciousness of myself that creates the illusion of separateness from the field I am a part of. How is it happening that this form of “me”, made up of the same particles of matter that make up the chair I am sitting on, perceive myself as separate from and different than the chair?
The brilliance of my human mind is a resource for manifestation if only I can get out of my own way and allow the Spirit of Creation to manifest through me unhindered by my thoughts of separation. As I observe nature I am reminded that the plants and wild animals are not getting in the way of Creation as it manifests through them. They don’t have the same type of consciousness that I do and I look to them as my teachers. Can I learn to allow Spirit to use me as a tool for creation beyond my seeming small and simple life? Can I let go of the illusion of me and recognize myself as a part of the Infinite Creative Universe? What would that feel like? What would that look like? Perhaps not different than what I am seeing and feeling now? Perhaps very different!
Today is a new day. Today I walk through this field of infinite possibility not knowing what I am creating or how my presence is affecting the whole of existence. On this anniversary of my birth into this form of existence, I choose to see through eyes of gratitude, meet each moment with a fearless and open heart, move through the illusion of time and space with grace and ease and surrender myself to the Spirit of Creation. I breathe, ground, integrate, surrender and smile. I am here now in this. Life is what it is and I am grateful. Happy Birthday to me!


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