In the Flow of Natural Order

Official seal of County of San Diego

      Official seal                            County of San Diego

Do you know the belief, “Give something away it will come back to you tenfold?”
Yesterday I had a dear friend show up to help me with some difficult labor. We are refinishing an old concrete garage floor. She brought her tools and dove into the job showing me the way and working tirelessly and without asking for anything in return. She was doing what good friends do, helping a friend in need.
I felt as if her effort went beyond my call for help. As she was leaving I pressed some money into her hand and told her I never wanted her to feel her generosity was unappreciated or that she was being taken advantage of. She graciously accepted my gift and I felt relieved knowing I won’t hesitate to ask for her help again when I need it. I felt like the scales of energy exchange were in balance.
We have been in a process for six weeks to get our solar installation permitted. It has been an arduous and expensive bureaucratic event. The expenses were unexpected and took a large chunk from my budget. When the mail arrived yesterday afternoon there was a notice from the County of San Diego Planning and Development Services. When I saw the envelope I expected it to be an invoice for the balance due. I was wrong. It was a notice informing me that they were returning half of the deposit I had given them. Shut the front door!

The Universe always works for me, not against me, when I am in the flow of natural order.



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