Sunday Morning Coming Down


I am feeling groggy. My body thinks it’s an hour earlier than the clock reports with the time change this morning. I have a yoga class in a few minutes so I may have to finish this later. I am so looking forward to teaching yoga this morning. My body needs the grounded peacefulness of my yoga practice. It is going to feel so good to lie in a spinal twist and do hip openers. I am happy to see my yoga student/friends that will be showing up soon.
I am ready to let go of the past few days and the experience of Vegas. My yoga practice will help me clear the over-stimulating electrical/human juju from my nervous system. I feel so fortunate to be in my retreat home. I just gave a prayer of thanks that I wasn’t dealt the hand to be a cocktail waitress at Circus Circus in this lifetime…not that there is anything wrong with that, to quote Jerry Seinfield.

English: Circus Circus Hotel and Casino sign

 Circus Circus Hotel and Casino sign

I’m letting the tension go from my shoulders. I’m drinking my hot tea instead of restaurant coffee. It is so quiet…not a sound to disturb my inner peace. I am resting back into my bones and breathing deeply. Ahhhhhhhhh.
I just finished my yoga class. It went great. One of my students overstretched the ligaments in her knee in a fall two weeks ago and she is rehabbing. It felt good to help her move in a body-friendly way that will facilitate the knee in its healing process.
It is time to stand strong for myself and a lifestyle that works best for me and my body. I am feeling, as I approach my birthday at the end of this week, the best gift I can give myself is a cleanse. It’s time to get out the wheat grass juicer and throw down some serious juice. It’s time to get back to my daily practice on the mat and on the trail. If I can discipline myself to write every day which feels like a healthy choice for my mind, I can also discipline myself to make healthier choices for my body.
It is a picturesque sunny day and I am one mile from the Pacific Crest Trail. I’m putting on my boots and hitting the trail as soon as I finish this page. I know from experience how good I will feel. It’s a “no brainer.” It snowed while we were gone this week so the trail may be wet but the high desert is green and blooming! It will be spectacular. I am so fortunate to live in the mountains of southern California…such wildness, such wonderful weather, such unspoiled natural beauty.
Coming home from Las Vegas, the contrast of what “Mom” does and what “Man” does is in my face. “Man’s” take on creation versus “Mom’s” take on creation…I choose to surround myself with “Mom’s” architecture, artwork, entertainment and her food and water as it comes directly from her without “Man’s” embellishment. For me, more, bigger, faster, newer isn’t better. I’ll take less, smaller, slower. I’ll take life the old fashioned way, thank you very much.

Golden Trout Wilderness, August 2008. One day ...


4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coming Down

    • I am 1.8 miles east on S-22 from trailhead where the PCT crosses S-22 (between Warner Springs and Borrego Springs. My place is Mountain Valley Retreat and it’s a work in progress. Hoping to open by May! Yay hiking!! 🙂


      • That’s so exciting! I got picked up at Barrel Springs to be taken back to Kick Off last season. I was in Warner on April 29th last year… oh the things you remember when you’re doing a thru hike! : ) I’m sure if you want it bad enough it’ll happen. What type of work needs to be done? If you need some extra helping hands I’d love to donate some time


      • Wow! That is so sweet of you! As the chaos settles in the next four weeks I’ll have a better handle on how I might use more hands. We will be setting up a tipi, a large tent and a yurt once the platforms are prepared. That might be the time I could use some extra hands. Where do you live?


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