Let It Be

Ah, I have a “real” cup of tea this morning instead of “sick person” tea. Do you know the difference? Real tea is English breakfast tea with a spot of cream in it. Sick person tea is herbal tea with names like Cold Calm and Throat Coat and it has honey and lemon in it. They are both good but since I’ve been drinking “sick person” tea for the past week it feels like a positive sign to have “real” tea this morning. Maybe I am finally over the flu and I can move on and talk about something else.

The Eternal Vision

The Eternal Vision

Progress on the construction of Mountain Valley Retreat slowed to a grinding halt over the past few weeks. Events over the past few days make me hopeful that the hammer is back in hand. Since this project began I have learned a lot about vision manifestation. Mainly that my state of mind or the lack thereof has a huge influence on how things progress in my physical world. It is not easy for me to stay in that magical place of holding my vision as a reality.
Spirit challenges me to hold my vision in spite of negating influences that step on the path. She appears to say, “If this vision is true, you will not be dissuaded by complications, obstacles and setbacks.” I am being asked to hold fast and stay the course no matter what.
As the nuts and bolts of construction take place, I see the minute details of each facet and time contracts. Weeks were spent attending to the details of a permit for the solar installation which did nothing to add to the actual construction site. Three of us were in the microfilm files at the county pouring over lists of names searching for a grant deed from the 1940’s that would prove my land was legally subdivided! Are you kidding me? That hurdle still waits for the final crossing.
Many challenging details hid behind the beauty and excitement of my original vision and each of those details has a price tag. Projects that looked simple and inexpensive to my untrained eye have turned out to be complicated and costly.
Through it all, I remain undaunted in my resolve to see my vision through to completion. I understand that life is change and the first vision I saw is not going to remain intact without modifications. The flow of my vision’s unfolding depends on my ability to remain open and trusting to the transformation as it takes place. I cannot hold tight to the dream. I must be flexible and yielding, holding it softly and lovingly and allowing it to mature into its own. As a child becomes an adult with loving, gentle support from her caretakers, so my vision will grow into the fullest expression of itself if I allow it with a trusting heart.
So today, I renew my vow to be a loving caretaker of this small piece of land in the California Mountains. I promise to stand on her soil and touch her trees and listen to her voice every day. She will guide me as to what I need to do to support her as she grows and changes into whatever she is becoming. The hawks and the coyotes, the mountain lions and the blue jays, the oaks and sage will remain regardless of my human influence. The rains will fall, the sun will shine, and the land will be here in all its magnificence. I can rest assured that my short attention to this small plot of Earth is not significant in the big picture. Let it be, Chery. Relax and go back to being the holder of the vision as it unfolds. There is nothing for you to do…that matters. Destroy that human timetable and trust in eternal time and notice how time expands once again into the feeling of limitless possibilities.
Mountain Valley Retreat is already here. She is beautiful as she is. Let her grow up without your constant need to control her. Believe in her innate wisdom and keep your eyes and ears open and your heart full of trust. Spring is here. Revel in new beginnings. Let it be.


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