Benchmark Day

Day 1: Fill Up My Cup

    My Cup Runneth Over

Today is the last day of February and the sixtieth consecutive page in my blog.  Should be feeling good about that but I am still sick as a dog with this flu virus.  It is day six and each day brings on a new rash of symptoms.  Yesterday I started sneezing and draining with an upper respiratory attack to compliment the aching bones, sore throat and tight chest cough.

I am getting a valuable understanding of the way illness controls through a feeling of helplessness.  This is out of my control and I am clueless as to what I might do differently to help myself feel better.  I have no choice but to ride it out and look for comfort wherever I can find it…a cup of warm tea, a cool pillow under my head, wool socks, Lemur Cat beside me, G checking on me and rubbing my shoulders…

I think about my friends with cancer and HIV/AIDS.  At least I feel secure in the belief that this will eventually pass and I’ll feel like myself again.  I am not living with a lifelong diagnosis like PD or MS or ALS.  I am not losing my sight or my hearing or my ability to walk or talk.

I have much to be grateful for and even as I sit here feeling most miserable, I send out a prayer of gratitude for all that I have.  May the Angels of Mercy bring their blessings on all the truly suffering souls this day.  I have nothing to complain about.


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